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SimTek® Fence

At Myer’s Fencing, we know that choosing the right fence can be difficult especially with so many factors to consider like privacy, upkeep, durability, and style. That’s why we offer products that will give you the function you need with the peace of mind you want for both commercial and residential fencing. SimTek® Molded Composite Fencing System from CertainTeed® provides excellent privacy and sound reduction in a beautiful, highly durable material that is easy to install – it’s a combination that’s hard to beat, which makes it one of our favorite products on the market.

SimTek® Fence Molded Composite Fencing System

8 Reasons to Choose SimTek® Molded Composite Fencing

Beautiful look

SimTek® Molded Composite Fencing comes in two beautiful styles that use real stone and wood for the mold casts, offering all the appeal of natural products with a fraction of the cost and upkeep. SimTek® EcoStone® Privacy Fencing gives the look of natural granite stone, while SimTek® Ashland® Privacy Fencing imitates deep-grain wood textures. Both come in a variety of colors to suit your project.

Privacy and Security

SimTek® Molded Fencing Panels are a great choice for privacy because the panels are 100% solid - meaning there are no spaces open for view-through. With no easy visibility into your property, you’ll be able to keep your area as comfortably private as it is secure. Add a matching single or double gate to control ingress and egress without sacrificing privacy or security.

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Sound Absorption

For busy, high-traffic areas, SimTek® Molded Composite Fencing can help keep your fenced areas serene by blocking or absorbing 98% of sound from outside the barrier, which nearly eliminates sound pollution in your space. SimTek® Fencing is rated to Sound Transmission Class (STC) 26.

Durable Construction

The molded panels imitate natural products but have much greater durability and less upkeep than typical wood or vinyl fencing. The linear low-density polyethylene plastic construction is impact-resistant and will never crack or warp even in temperatures as low as -40ºF or as high as 140ºF. An internal steel frame and galvanized steel reinforcement posts with WindZone™ performance mean it’s incredibly sturdy. SimTek® is rated for hurricane-force winds up to 110mph and gusts of up to 130mph, and it is certified to meet Miami-Dade hurricane requirements. SimTek® is unaffected by any negative organic processes, including water and salt spray damage.

Low Maintenance

Never worry about maintenance with SimTek® Molded Composite Fencing. Simply spray off your panels now and then to keep them clean. SimTek® products are made with fade-resistant materials with a 10-year ColorLast® fade protection guarantee; you’ll never have to worry about long-term maintenance, such as re-staining or painting your fence. Heavy stains and even graffiti can be removed easily by pressure-washing, so your privacy fencing will look great for a lifetime.


SimTek® Molded Composite Fencing is made with 25% recycled polyethylene plastic and is recyclable itself, making it a wonderfully sustainable product; no trees are cut down for any part of the SimTek® manufacturing process.

Easy Installation

If you choose to install your SimTek® Molded Composite Fencing yourself, you’ll find that it’s easy to work with, even on sloped terrain. Simply set the posts in the ground and attach the molded panels. Or make your life even easier by scheduling professional installation from Myer’s Fencing!

25-Year Warranty

Never worry about your investment! New wood fencing typically lasts 5-7 years, but SimTek® Molded Composite Fencing is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The 25-year warranty from CertainTeed® covers any potential problem with your composite fencing so that you can rest easy with your decision.

SimTek® EcoStone® Molded Composite Fencing, SimTek® EcoStone® Privacy Fencing, SimTek® Fence near Nicholasville, Kentucky (KY)

SimTek® EcoStone® Privacy Fencing

Imitating the look of natural granite for a fraction of the cost, SimTek® EcoStone® Privacy Fencing comes in standard 3’, 4’, and 6’ panel heights. Choose from five beautiful stone colors: black granite, beige granite, brown granite, dark brown granite, and gray granite. Matching gate units are also available.

SimTek® Ashland® Privacy Fencing

SimTek® Ashland® Privacy Fencing offers the time-honored look of wood fencing with vastly better durability and lower maintenance, and all for an affordable price. Standard 4’ and 6’ panels come in five colors to match popular wood stains: black oak, walnut brown, gold cedar, Nantucket gray, and red cedar. Matching gate units are also available.

SimTek® Ashland® Molded Composite Fencing, SimTek® Ashland® Privacy Fencing, SimTek® Fence near Nicholasville, Kentucky (KY)

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