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What are the Benefits of a Hot Tub Privacy Fence?

A hot tub privacy fence near Nicholasville, KY, in the backyard of a home

If your hot tub doesn’t have a privacy fence, it’s time to reconsider. A hot tub privacy fence can keep out unwanted guests, both people, and animals and gives you privacy. It also makes the hot tub safer, particularly if you have small children. For a hot tub privacy fence near Nicholasville, KY, contact Myers…

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Popular Pool Fence Idea for Your Kentucky Home

Pool fence in a backyard near Nicholasville, KY

Selecting a pool fence for your home can be daunting. Some popular pool fence ideas include a metal fence that allows the view, a privacy fence that keeps unwanted eyes off you, a low-maintenance vinyl fence, and a decorative fence. At Myers Fencing in Nicholasville, Kentucky, we can help you come up with some pool…

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Protect Your Garden with These Vinyl Fence Ideas

Horizontal vinyl fence near Nicholasville, KY, around a flower garden near Nicholasville, KY

If you’ve had a garden that’s fallen prey to neighborhood rabbits, it’s time to upgrade your fence. A vinyl fence could be just what you’re looking for. Durable, with little need for upkeep, it won’t rot or break down, and your vinyl fence will stand the test of time, which is just what a garden…

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Does a Fence Add Value to a Home?

Residential fence outside a home near Nicholasville, KY

Whether living in your forever home or starter home, you want to make changes that add value. A fence can add value if your home doesn’t have one yet, or if you have a broken one. Myers Fencing in Nicholasville, KY, can help you select the best wood fence types for your home and install…

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How to Tell if a Wooden Fence is Yours

The fence bordering your property needs some TLC. But is it your responsibility or your neighbor’s? Believe it or not, this is the source of one of the most common disputes between neighbors. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration when you know how to tell if a wooden fence is yours or someone else’s.…

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Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Wood Fencing

Vinyl fencing near Nicholasville and Lexington, KY

Many people want the quintessential wood fence around their yard but also want to use more sustainable materials. There are several different types of privacy fences made from eco-friendly alternatives to wood fencing. At Myers Fencing in Nicholasville, Kentucky, we’d love to work with you to find the best options for your home. We’ve been…

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Choosing a Decorative Fence for Your Yard

Decorative fence outside a residence near Nicholasville, KY

Selecting a decorative fence for your yard is highly personal. It can be tricky with everything affecting your choice, from the reason you want it to the materials you’ll use and even your style. Fortunately, it will help create a beautiful, relaxing haven when you have it up. As one of the premier fencing companies…

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Reasons to Hire a Professional Fencing Contractor

A professional fencing contractor installs a wooden fence near a home in Nicholasville, KY

A fence can increase your home’s security, attractiveness, and value. While putting in a residential fence provides many different benefits for a homeowner, properly installing a fence can prove to be difficult and time-consuming. Many local neighborhoods have strict rules and codes that need to be followed, and with the different types of fencing to…

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How Long Will a Fence Last?

A white picket fence surrounding a residential home near Nicholasville, KY, during the day

A fence can add to your home’s value, curb appeal, design, and security. When deciding to get a fence for your home or business, investing in the right one for your space is crucial. Considerations like material, treatment, region, and environment can all play a factor in the lifespan of your residential or commercial fence.…

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3 Considerations for Installing a Residential Fence

Wooden picket fence surrounding a concrete driveway near Nicholasville, KY

A residential fence is a beautiful way to make your property safer, more attractive, and increase value. Before you dive into the world of residential fencing, there are three crucial considerations to make to ensure that your fence looks and performs just the way you want it to. Material & Maintenance One of the first…

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